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Carpet Cleaning Mukilteo, WA

Our carpet service will give you the quickest and most effective carpet cleaning in Mukilteo! Maybe your carpets are starting to look a little dingy or maybe there is that one nasty stain you’ve just never been able to get rid of. You know you need to choose a carpet cleaner, but do you think of the gallons of water and harsh chemicals being dumped into your nice carpet and hesitate? Or do you think about the days of wet areas that you have to tip toe around while they dry? Or the worst, do you think about how you just cleaned your carpets but it seems like they are dirty again before you know it? Do you want your carpets cleaned so well that they look like new, at an affordable price, by honest trained professionals, with quality products and cleaning solutions?  Then have no fear, Ultimate Chem-Dry breaks the stereotype of your typical steam cleaners in Mukilteo and surrounding areas! We can put all these worries to ease with our green certified carpet cleaning in Mukilteo. Our unique approach to carpet cleaning & stain removal is unlike any other - in fact, it's patented.

So why do we at Ultimate Chem-Dry care so much about being Green?  Well, simply put: when we use less water in your carpets means more in our nation's reservoirs. We live here too and our mission is to help create healthier homes for a better world. We take pride in the fact that our Natural solution is a Green Certified carpet cleaning service meaning we don’t use any of the harsh chemicals and a fraction of the water. Not only are we hypoallergenic and non-toxic but your carpets will be completely dry in just 1-2 hours.  Our innovative techniques and solutions use the power of carbonation to blast dirt and stains down deep in the fibers with millions of tiny bubbles that lift any remaining residue to the surface to be swept away with our powerful carpet cleaning equipment.

Call Ultimate Chem-Dry for the greatest carpet cleaning service in Mukilteo and surrounding areas!

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