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Searching for the best carpet cleaning Seattle, WA can provide? At Ultimate Chem-Dry our belief is that improvement should be continuous, we have persistently developed and improved our carpet cleaning equipment, methods and solutions in order to be able to offer professional carpet cleaning Seattle, WA has to offer.  We are proud to provide this unparalleled approach to the Seattle area, a choice of cleaning that has many advantages for your carpet and for your wallet.

  • We use 80% less than water than other Seattle carpet cleaning services
  • Our carpet cleaning Seattle services use the power of carbonation
  • 98% of allergens and 89% of air borne bacteria are removed* when used with our sanitizer 

Ultimate Chem-Dry carpet cleaning Seattle:  A Drier Clean 

As a part of our unique method, we implement our time tested and customer satisfaction proven carpet cleaning products to do the job right first time to save you both time and money.  The power of carbonation ensures a more effective clean, which allows us to use 80% less water than other steam carpet cleaning competitors in Seattle.  This means that carpets cleaned the Ultimate Chem-Dry way will dry within just 1-2 hours rather than the 1-2 days needed by steam cleaning.  This is beneficial because the longer your carpets sit damp, waiting to dry.  The potential for mold and mildew to grow at the base of your carpets increases.  And just because we use less water does not mean that our cleaning techniques are less effective.  We use the power of carbonation to break up embedded dirt for the base of your carpet fibers.  Millions of bubbles then "explode" propelling the dirt and other particles up to the surface, instead of getting pushed deeper down into the carpet.


Lesli M said this about her experience, "Anthony and Jacob were super great. I am moving and knew that my kitty trashed my carpet, and wanted to get things nicely cleaned up, affordably. Ultimate Chem-Dry was a pleasure to schedule with, the tech folks were super friendly and professional, and the carpets in my apartment look better than when I moved in. Got my deposit back! They also cleaned up my couch. Highly recommend this place for price, service, and environmental friendliness." (via yelp)

Ultimate Chem-Dry carpet cleaning Seattle: A Deeper clean 

Carpet Cleaning Seattle: Ultimate Chem-Dry wants to help you get your carpets cleaned effectively a healthy the first time through.  While the steam carpet cleaning method uses buckets of water to hide dirt, grime and dust down into the carpet, Chem-Dry has utilized the power of carbonation to remove these unwanted particles from individual carpet fibers and lift them to the surface where they can be safely extracted with hot water.  Not only does this make your carpets look like new, but your carpets will stay clean for longer, allowing them to require less frequent cleaning!  With less frequent cleaning it means that you can enjoy healthier and cleaner carpets longer, so you get the most bang for your buck.  The power of carbonation is really cool because it goes deep down in the fibers of your carpet then when agitated with our carpet cleaning tech the PowerHead®.  The agitation activates the bubbles to break up ingrained dirt, dust, and other allergens, which then pushes them to the surface to be removed from your home.

For a Healthier Carpet Cleaning: Seattle Ultimate Chem-Dry.  

We believe that carpet cleaning in Seattle should be committed and innovative to look for ways to clean your carpets effectively, but also take care of the environment.  We live here too.  That is why Ultimate Chem-Dry uses the carpet cleaning products invented by Chem-Dry.  This allows us to use 80% less water, plus use products that are eco-friendly.  Because we are committed to environmental stability, Chem-Dry has developed this method to avoid using anything but entirely natural substances in our carpet cleaning solutions.  One of them being The Natural®.  While this is an extraordinary benefit to the environment, it is also an extreme benefit to your home and family as well. You can rest assured knowing that no harmful chemicals are used in the Chem-Dry carpet cleaning Seattle process, because we strive to keep your family (even fido) and your carpets healthy.

Post carpet cleaning protectant

Carpet Cleaning is recommended to be done every 3 months to maintain the quality of your carpet and provide a healthy home by removing dirt, dust, allergens and bacteria that hide at the base of the carpet.  Chem-Drys carpet protectants help provide a protective shield around the fibers that create a barrier so stains won't adhere to the fibers.  Applying the protectant in your home is easy and can be done when we visit.  Check out our list of carpet cleaning protectants below.

      • PowerGuard Protectant® - This type of protectant works well with solution-dyed carpets and boosts your carpets stain-resisting powers
      • Repel Protectant - This is a liquid-repelling carpet protectant that creates a protective barrier giving you more time to act and clean up the stain before the stain adheres to the carpet fibers.
      • Wool Protectant - The wool protectant is a water-based solution designed to boost the stain resistant powers of your wool carpet 

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