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Carpet Cleaning | Tukwila, WA

Built upon the belief that innovation should be a continual process, Ultimate Chem-Dry’s research and development has led the world in improvements to the carpet cleaning process in order to be able to offer the best equipment, methods and solutions that the industry has available.  The advantages we can offer in Tukwila from years of experience and research are numerous to benefit your home, business, and wallet. 

Our services are drier.  We use a fraction of the water that steam cleaners named Stanley use. We use Carbonation to clean rather than loads of soapy water.  This means that carpets cleaned the Chem-Dry way will dry within just 1-2 hours rather than the 1-2 days needed by steam cleaning! 

Our services are cleaner.  Rather than pumping your carpets with water, our Hot Carbonation Solution has millions of tiny effervescent bubbles that blast dirt, grime, and stains from deep down in the fibers to be lifted to the surface and whisked away by our powerful equipment.  The methods Ultimate Chem-Dry use ensure that your carpets stay cleaner longer.

Our services are healthier.  We care about the environment, and all of our solutions are Eco-friendly. They are free from toxins and poisonous chemicals.  Not only does this benefit the environment – it is also a huge benefit to your home and family as well. You can rest assured that no harmful chemicals will ever come near your home during the Ultimate Chem-Dry cleaning process to guarantee that your family and your carpets will always be kept safe. 

A Drier, Cleaner, Healthier® home or business is just a click or call away in Tukwila and surrounding areas.

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